Bacteria on ice

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It seems that you may be consuming more than you bargained for while enjoying a refreshing ice filled drink.. What’s to know?


An undercover investigation carried out by the BBC’s Watchdog programme has revealed some disturbing findings about the cleanliness of ice machines and ice buckets. The results found faecal coliform bacteria in iced water provided at three major coffee chains, Costa Cofee, Caffe Nero and Starbucks.

Coliforms contain pathogens and they should not be present in any number in a consumable product


How does this happen ?

Contamination is due to being touched by unclean hands and made worse by ice machines and ice buckets not been cleaned in a satisfactory way.

What should you do ?

If you make ice available to staff or anyone else, it should be treated with the same respect as other foods when it comes to cross-contamination as there is no opportunity to kill bacteria after contact has been made.

  • Promote good hygiene and make sure your employees are aware of the dangers of handling ice.

  • Ice scoops and tongs should be kept in a mild sterilising solution between usage. Do not store other items in your ice boxes

  • Ice machines and trays should be fully emptied and cleaned on a regular basis and a record kept.


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