What has Grenfell Tower to do with our clients ?

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A disaster such as Grenfell Tower has consequences beyond the incident itself.

When the inspectors trawl through the records the result of the inquiry will depend on certification and compliance. The scapegoats will be the people who did not fill in the paperwork or tick the boxes.

So back to Legionella, imagine the scenario, a member of staff, visitor or a pupil in an organisation or Company catches Legionella and the outbreak is traced to your Organisation. PHE come in and ask to see your risk assessment, only to find non of the corrections have been carried out or signed off. Or in the worst case you have no risk assessment or monitoring in place.

Your organisation or Company would be liable and if someone had died could face civil or civil charges for compensation.

It costs very little to correct matters, Watercare can either carry out the corrections or work with your own contractor or engineers to rectify the same.

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