Wood chip and pellet store risks

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 The Hazards

An HSE study has identified the risk of toxic gas building up in wood pellet and wood chip stores. These locations need to be clearly marked as confined spaces and entry restricted to trained and authorised staff or contractors.

The Casualties

Nine people have dies due to carbon monoxide poisoning in small scale stores.

PS1       Silo Type                Wood pellet storage room (auger delivery)          Room Storage

What to do

Tip 1.   If your current store is not vented, work with your suppliers to see how this can be achieved.

Tip 2.   Install a carbon monoxide detector in the boiler room or store entrance

Tip 3.   Wood chip and pellet stores must be kept locked and a sign displayed “Danger confined space. Permit to work required before entry” Restrict the key to authorised persons

Tip 4.    Develop safe systems of work for maintenance, including confined space entry ( see permit ) Staff will require specialist training to undertake this task or use a specialist contractor.

Next Step

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pdficon_large       Download a permit to work in confined spaces

For confined space training  and for Competent Health and Safety advice   click here



Many of our customers use biomass to heat their hot water and heating so we feel this is important

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