Legionella Monitoring

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legionella-questions Water hygiene questions and answers

Did you know that all businesses must take proper measures to protect their staff, customers and the public against the risk of Legionnaires Disease? This is controlled by UK Health and Safety Legislation  and there is a Code of Practice and Guidance called L8, designed to help businesses meet their legal obligations. The guidance includes :

  • Checking conditions will not encourage Legionella bacteria growth.
  • Maintaining records of when and where temperature checks were taken.
  • Providing schematic drawings of your plumbing system.
  • Having a person specifically responsible for overseeing Legionella compliance
  • To find out if you currently comply please see the water check list below.

Watercare work with many companies in the UK making sure they are aware of their  responsibilities ensuring that the risk from exposure to Legionella is properly controlled. Below is a checklist to see if you currently comply :

1. Does your water system comply with the water supply (water fittings) regulations 1999 

2. Can you demonstrate that you follow the Health & Safety Approved Code of Practice (L8) with regard to Legionella control

3. Have you undertaken a risk assessment with regard to Regulations and Legionella in the last 2  years

4. Can you remember the last time you undertook an inspection of your hot and cold water system

5. Are records of  temperature checks and inspections recorded in a log book

6. Do you chemically dose your hot or cold water systems at least once a year if required

7. Have you made any alterations to your hot and cold water systems

8. Do you employ a contractor who specialises in Legionella control

9. Do you have up to date schematic drawings of the hot and cold water systems at your premises ?

10. Have you nominated someone to take responsibility for the hot and cold water systems at your  premises ?

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